Friction investigation

This week in science we’ve investigated what friction is and what it does. We tested ice cubes on different surfaces in our classroom and found that the ice cube travelled further on smoother surfaces.

We also let a toy car go down ramps with different materials on. We found that the rougher the material the more friction there was so the longer it took the car to go down the ramp!

Happy 2018!

We had an exciting first day back at school. We’ve travelled back to Prehistoric times and spent the day as a character from the Stone Age. We learnt that people during this time were as likely to see a dinosaur as we are and created our own cave drawings. We also learnt how to make a net and have begun to make our own Prehistoric weapons in art!


We’ve had a fantastic first term swimming! We’ve all improved a lot in a very short space of time.

Some children have achieved badges. If you would like to buy your child’s badge and certificate then please bring £2.75 to purchase them next term. Alternatively, you can buy them directly from the Meridian Leisure Centre. A full list of badges can be seen in the school’s sports blog.

A quick update

We’ve had a very busy time in Year 3.

In science last week we investigated what science could do to food. We made edible slime, exploding chocolate drops and bouncy eggs!

In music we made our own shakers and drums from peppers!

This week in maths we’ve been using arrays to multiply. Can you see which number sentences we’ve made?

And finally, in science yesterday we investigated which materials are reflective and which materials aren’t.

Roman workshop

We’ve had a very exciting first week of history fortnight. We were visited by Ian from the Heritage Lincolnshire. We learnt all about what the Romans brought to Lincolnshire and the UK- including which foods! Ian also showed us some artefacts from Roman times which were found in Lincolnshire. We saw a real glass bottle and broach which have survived all of this time!

A busy few weeks.

We have had a very busy and exciting final few weeks of our first term together in Year 3.

Having finished writing our instructions we put them to the test and used them to make our very own jam sandwiches. Using our instructions allowed us to see how we could improve them.

Having finished our instructions we moved onto our new text type. We read and performed different nonsense poems and will soon be writing our own.

In maths things have been getting very practical. We’ve been working on adding together a 3 digit number and a 1 digit number using different methods.

This afternoon we’ve been improving our team working skills by creating our own carrot cars for the carrot car race. Team points were given to the car which looked most like a car, the team which showed best team working skills and the winner of the carrot car race!

More baking!

Yesterday we learned about the different food groups and how much of each you should eat in a day. Today we used our knowledge of keeping healthy to bake some healthy treats. These included coconut and raisin flapjack, banana muffins and cinnamon, raisin and apple muffins. We are getting very good at following instructions!

Bread baking

Today we have been following instructions to make our own bread. We had to find our own ingredients, weigh them and follow the instructions very carefully in the right order.

After it was cooked we tasted the bread we had made and other different types of bread from the shop. We discussed how they tasted using some amazing adjectives and talked about which ones we preferred and why.